Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Stanley Cup... (Maybe)

So I'm going to be that guy. That sports guy. The guy who watches every game. The guy who gets to the rink 2 hours before the game starts just to be there, to be close. The guy who remembers listening to Bob Miller while skating around my living room with my yellow plastic Los Angeles Kings hockey stick. The guy who used to play roller hockey blasting Gary Glitter's goal song overlaid with Bob Miller's call ("Oh, what a great pass by McSorley...Kings take over...).

Tomorrow I'm traveling about 60 miles (about 1:20-1:45 depending on traffic) to the Redondo Beach Cafe. There is a "limited amount" of opportunities to take a picture with Lord Stanley's Cup for a $10 donation to the Kings Care Foundation.

I would easily pay [a lot more] to spend just a few minutes with this amazing piece of hardware. No other trophy in professional sports comes within 4,828,032 meters (that's for my Canadian friends) of the tradition and folklore that the Stanley Cup possesses.

I am a proud Los Angeles Kings fan. Always have been, always will.

In closing I'd like to say, in all confidence; Effe you Anaheim, we've got a cup; Vancouver is an extremely classy City full of, well...Canuck fans unfortunately; and finally, we're coming for you Detroit.

P.S. Click on the Stanley Cup link, seriously.

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Halsted Fam said...

You are Regan's hero! Good luck and enjoy!