Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey there! Thought I'd actually write something today instead of post a video of how crappy the economy is or of grown men throwing hay makers at each whilst keeping there balance on a large sheet of ice.

So what to write about? I could write about my amazing poker streak of late where I've placed in the last 4 tournaments I've played in (home games and the "real" stuff in Vegas):

Or I could talk about how much fun I had at the bi-annual Ed Newhart (and now Lockheed) Primm Golf trip at the CA/NV state line:

I could also tell you it snowed in the high desert (about 12" of snow) stranding hundreds thousands of motorists in the SCV for over 24 hours:

Instead I'll talk about the Metallica concert I went to at the Fabulous Forum on 12/18. 8 friends piled into an Excursion limo stocked with Crown, Kettle, Corona & various mixers and headed off to the show. Our first stop was the Cabo Cantina somewhere off Sunset Blvd. I say somewhere because I wasn't driving and was sipping on whiskey during the trip down.

We enjoyed our 2-for-1 drink specials along with some DAMN SPICY hot wings to compliment our DAMN SPICY waitress (actually, I don't know if she was literally spicy but she did go well with the wings). After most of us were thoroughly intoxicated we made our way to the concert. Blasting Sad But True from the windows while we all sang along had everything nothing to do with the fact that we were polishing off the crown by taking shot directly from the bottle.

We arrived and drove ALL THE WAY AROUND the Forum since apparently the driver didn't know where the limo drop-off was, but that gave us time to finish our beers before stepping out into the frigid night. We made it inside just as the band began to play. I made a quick stop at the horse troughs (those who have had the pleasure of visiting the men's rooms at the Forum know what I'm talking about) grabbed a $10 beer and headed off to our seats. I was relieved that after climbing every single step to reach our seats there was a wall to lean against (see cause we were in the very last row).

The concert was pretty good. I enjoy Metallica but am not a huge fan so I wasn't dissapointed that they didn't play more songs from Kill'em All or Ride the Lightning.

After about 30 mins I decided to get a little closer to the action. From my days watching Kings games at the Forum I knew about little door along the concourse with a sign that reads The Whistle Stop. The door takes you down to the tunnels under the seats which is also floor level. Unfortunately for me the Whistle Stop was closed.

I was able to get in the door by being all slick and spy like and waiting for someone to come out and grabbing the door right before it locked (how cool am I?) but was stopped 3/4 of the way down by a yellow-jacket-wearing-event-staff-dude who wouldn't let me pass without a wristband. All was not lost as I went back up and walked around the concourse until I found a section where an usher was not and made it down to about the 4th row.

After about five songs in the good seats my beer was empty I decided to go back to my real seats. When I got back I was greeted with an agitated group, apparently some words were exchanged with another member of the audience. As one of my friends put it "this guy want to suck all of our [male genitalia]'s", which was really funny since the gentleman in question could totally hear what was said. Later the same guy got his ass kicked by his girlfriend so everything worked out.

When the concert ended we picked up a couple people off the floor and walked ALL THE WAY AROUND the Forum to find the limo (cause apparently the driver couldn't get back to where he dropped us off) and headed home. For some reason the ride home was much more quiet than the ride down.

All in all a good night...

On another note I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and here's to 2009 (cause 2008 SUCKED)!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hockey fights are cool....