Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Útila - Day 4

Hola para Utopia Resort.

Closed down the "Dive Bar" again last night and had my first full night of sleep. The boat just needed a battery and the rain never came so after breakfast we headed out to our first dive site of the day called "Duppy Waters" (Duppy means ghost apparently). Neat site that was another wall but it had tons of little chutes and canyons. We quickly descended to 80 feet and were on our way.

About 5 mins into the dive I noticed two large angel fish were hovering above our dive guide Reuben. As I watched them i realized that one of them was "eating" his exhaust bubbles as they floated to the surface. Reuben said he has never seen that before. After about 30 mins along the wall we cruised up a chute to shallower waters where Reuben and I spotted a sea slug (or maybe a worm) that was rolling and contorting across a sandy patch or ocean floor. It was so weird to see this thing scoot along. It got to the other side and did a few more barrel rolls before finally stopping at the base of a small rock formation. Since I am still new to diving and i use way toomkuch air by this time I had to head back to the boat.

We then motored to our next dive site called "West End" (where we were headed yesterday before the boat died). After an hour on the surface we geared up and got back in the water. This site had much better visibility than the last. We only went down to about 60 feet for this dive which was another wall that bottomed out about 90 feet. We quickly found a couple lobster under some rocks and and tons of brightly colored fish were everywhere. After grabbing a few pictures of coral and the little fish we see everywhere Reuben grabbed my attention to point out a baby turtle. I grabbed my camera and was greeted with a "change battery pack" message. We followed the turtle for at least 15 mins. I could've snapped some amazing photos as I was less than 5 feet from the little bugger. Oh well, im sure that will happen many kore times before we leave. Shortly after the turtle we headed to shallower water and finished off a great 57 minute dive, My longest dive to date!

We loaded up and headed back to the resort for lunch. I'm writing this from a hammock and plan on doing a bunch of nothing until tonight's nighttime boat dive. I'm hoping to get some awesome pictures tonight, as long as my battery holds up that is. Until tomorrow...

Bubble-eating fishies

More fan coral

Don't know what this is, but I'm calling it the venus flytrap sponge

Purty colors

These little fish are EVERYWHERE. And not afraid to get all up in your face.

Last photo before my battery died. Meh.

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